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來源:http://www.dinghelaw.com/ 日期:2022-03-16
概述:混凝土攪拌車為什么會受歡迎? Why are concrete mixers popular? 混凝土自上料攪拌車的上市為中小工程打開了用混凝土的新方式,經濟且
Why are concrete mixers popular?
The listing of concrete self loading mixer truck has opened a new way of using concrete for small and medium-sized projects, which is economical and convenient. Many small and medium-sized projects have purchased it into the project.
The primary reason - large factories, made by excellent heavy machinery. Youzhong is one of the first batch of manufacturers in China to develop self loading mixer truck. It has been 10 years since the development, manufacture and service of self loading mixer truck. The system is mature and perfect. From the body structure to the materials and technology of mixer truck, it has been polished through more than 100 tests, and the quality of the produced mixer truck is reassuring. The after-sales service system is perfect and can be solved and followed up in time when users encounter problems, which is deeply trusted.
In addition, this mixer can be described as a "treasure mixer", which is more advanced than other self loading mixers on the market. For example, the application of the integrated console is intuitive and can grasp various values at all times. For example, the round bottom process structure of the bucket improves the feeding efficiency, the bucket loading and unloading function is free to shovel materials without technical restrictions, and the efficiency is higher than that of other mixer trucks on the market.
For example, hydraulic components are added to ensure balanced oil volume and faster hydraulic action. The materials of oil pipes and other connecting parts are imported from abroad, with good heat dissipation performance. As well as the R & D and application of hard core technology - tugboat swing technology, the service life of the mixer truck is longer and the durability is higher than other self feeding mixer trucks on the market.
For another example, the increase of brake caliper can improve the braking effect and safety, upgrade the cab seat and chassis material, reduce the shaking of the cab, and improve the comfort and safety, which is higher than other self loading mixer vehicles on the market.
Generally speaking, the self loading mixer truck with excellent quality, excellent service, fast construction efficiency and high safety, which can meet the real construction needs of engineers, is naturally popular.